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lil sokz - L.O.V.E ohoh... yeah.. Lil Sokz yo.. Its the remix.. yeah..Its the remix The League: She's so sexy, so cool She's the baddest girl I seen I'm wonderin why I only see her in my dreams The love of my life, She's the on...

Artist: Lil Wayne Album: The Carter 3 Title: Lollipop feat. Static Major [Intro: Lil Wayne] + [Static Major] Uh huh, No homo, Young Moolah baby I said he so sweet, make her wanna lick the rapper So I let her lick the rapper [Sh...


きらきら晩餓しを圈びて Make up and dress when you're ready to go Weather is great it's your holiday We got to party all day long Happy days summer days sunshine girl I like it! Happy days summer days sunshines for You Happy day...

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