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CoulD not hElp to Do

主要的区别在于: can’t help doing sth.表示“不得不、禁不住做某事”,例句We couldn't help laughing when we heard the funny story. He can't help crying when he hears the bad news. She couldn’t help smiling. 她禁不住笑了起来。She co...

一、1、can’t help to do sth = 不能帮助做某事,为 help 表示“帮助”时的本义用法。 2、can’t help doing sth = 禁不住做某事,情不自禁地做某事。一般为引申用法,一般辞书均作为固定搭配列出来,许多老师对此也比较强调,从而也就引起了同学们...

can’t help to do和 can’t help doing can not help to do是不能帮助做某事. 而can not help doing是禁不住做某事, 同义的还有can not help but do,区别在于前者加ing,后者加原型。

1、can't help (to) do sth 不能帮助做某事 例如: Sorry,I can't help to clean the floor,for I have to go home now to look after my sick mother. 很抱歉!我不能帮助打扫地板,因为我现在要回家照看生病的妈妈。 2、can't help doing 不由...

could not help doing 情不自禁做某事 could not help to do 在某事上帮不上忙

Can not help to do 不能去做某事 Can not help doing 情不自禁地做某事

can’t help to do sth = 不能帮助做某事 can’t help doing sth = 禁不住做某事,情不自禁地做某事 请看例句: I can’t help to do it. 我不能帮忙做这事。 He couldn’t help to wash the clothes. 我不能帮忙洗衣服。 She couldn’t help smiling...

你好,could not help后接doing是情不自禁做某事, could not help后接 to do是不能帮助做某事。 回答者:jingruijiaoyu nanfangshangcheng.

①.can't help doing sth 禁不住做某事;情不自禁做某事. 如:其中,help 有“克制、抑制”的意思,意思是:不能克制住做某件事,即“情不自禁”。例如: She couldn't help crying when she saw her mother.当她看到母亲的时候,禁不住哭了起来。 ②....

can't help doing 情不自禁做某事 can't help do sth 无法帮助做某事 can't help but do只能做某事,不得不做

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