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cash register [英][kæʃ ˈredʒistə][美][kæʃ ˈrɛdʒɪstɚ] n.收银机,现金出纳机; 复数:cash registers 例句: 1. A child plays with an antique cash register in a room arranged...

cash[英] [kæʃ] [美] [kæʃ] n. 现金;支付金额; vt. 支付现款;兑现; adj. 现金的; register[英] [ˈredʒistə] [美] [ˈrɛdʒɪstɚ] n. 登记,注册;记录;登记薄;自动记录器; vt...


Were there anything showing on the LCD display? If E32 was shown on the LCD, E32 is usually an indication that the server or cashier has not been signed on. To resolve; 1) Press the clear button. Doing this will take you back t...

是收银机 是美式英语的意思 账簿的话是account record/account book



public class CashRegister{ /** Constructs a cash register with no money in it. */ public CashRegister() { purchase = 0; payment = 0; }...


To those unused to all the different colors and names, the cash register looked a little bit like the control panel of an aircraft . To ...

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